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​​Powerful Pool Calcium Removal in Leander, TX

When the surface water of your pool evaporates or moves, it can leave calcium deposits on the edge of your pool. These calcium deposits distract from the beauty of your pool and diminish your overall swimming experience.

At Aqua King Pool, we can quickly remove this unwelcome buildup from your swimming pool. Our pool calcium removal process eliminates the toughest stains, leaving your Leander, TX, pool sparkling clean once again.

Our Pool Calcium Removal Process

Rely on our comprehensive process to remove deposits from your pool’s sides and water features. Our process can remove both calcium carbonate and calcium silicate. Calcium carbonate is a soft, flaky scale that typically responds quickly to treatment. By contrast, calcium silicate builds up over time and becomes tougher to remove.

To eradicate every trace of calcium from your pool in Leander, TX, we scrub your pool with a powerful acid wash. We accomplish our full-scale pool calcium removal with a combination of strong washing agents and old-fashioned hard work.

After removing calcium buildup, we take several other steps to promote the health and sanitation of your pool. We check your pool’s pH balance and adjust it as necessary. After all, the wrong pH balance could be the cause of the scaling. We also check your filters to make sure they are working correctly and not facilitating the calcium buildup. If necessary, we can remove algae and chemical stains to ensure your Leander, TX, pool is as spotless as possible.

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