At Aqua King Pool & Spa LLC, our mission is simple. We want you to have the best experience you can each time you step outside for a swim. You deserve nothing less. ​We offer an array of services backed by years of experience keeping pools at their best. Our qualified technicians arrive promptly, and treat your property with the highest levels of care and respect.

Unlike faceless national pool cleaning companies, we’re Austin locals.  We’re part of the community, we support the community and we serve the community. Our technicians will get you know you, your pool and your preferences. 

With years of combined experience, we’ve built ourselves not only a reputation for excellence, but a formula for exceptional service, results and satisfaction.

Easy to understand and transparent estimates, pricing and billing. Aqua King is 100% upfront with all charges and estimates. You’ll get one price, one bill.

 Professional accreditation and licensing. Aqua King is National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool Operator and a Licensed Residential Installer. We’ve proven that we have the skills, the people and the knowledge to provide exceptional pool services to the greater Austin community.

 No skipped cleanings. You’ve paid us to do a job, we’re going to do it. Skipped weekly cleanings are an all too often unfortunate reality of many companies. Some companies’ eyes are bigger than their stomachs, meaning your pool might get skipped if they don’t have the staff or time to cover it that week. Aqua King maintains an appropriate level of professionals at all times to make sure you don’t get skipped. 

 High quality parts, chemicals and supplies. We treat your pool like it’s our family swimming in it. We use only top of the line approved chemicals, treatments and parts in your home pool or spa. Our commitment to quality means that no matter the size of the job, Aqua King will complete it to the highest standards.

 Want to know more about Aqua King or how we can help you with residential pool cleaning services? Contact us today and let us handle the small details.     


We handle the small details.

Enjoy The Clean, Refreshing Experience You Deserve


Professional experience in the industry!


We offer honest, up front pricing.

Aqua King Pool & Spa, Providing Professional Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Service to Austin, TX and the Greater Metro Area. 

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